We at Solid Lines Productions are so incredibly proud that our educational programming, Voices, has become so popular in the past couple of years that the requests for our programming have DOUBLED this year! Additionally, we are beginning to explore Voices programming for mental health in addition to the Voices programming we have previously done for domestic and sexual violence awareness.

One of the biggest boons of Voices is that we provide it the way we provide our theatre to all community partners: we ask that they pay what they can to host us. Educational budgets are constantly being slashed, and when it comes to the topics we discuss, funding is already insufficient across the board. As such, we’re asking for your help. Your donations pay the actors who tour through various institutions with our Voices programming, as well as paying for the creation of the original materials that we use.

Finally, this sort of fundraising simply is not sustainable from year to year, but budgets continue to get cut. Therefore, $150 of this campaign will send one of our staff to the Create Good Conference in North Carolina so that we can expand our toolbox in seeking sustainable revenue streams. All of this so that we can continue providing quality programming to our audiences, free of admission! Please help us as we continue serving the greater St. Louis community!

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