Our Board

The governers of our organization

John Wolbers

Dedicated to social justice, equality and inclusion; he has worked throughout the St. Louis region as an educator, activist, actor, playwright, and director to help bridge what divides us as a community.

Katherine Farache

I believe in the words of Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, and in the Mission of Solid Lines Productions as a way to open up dialogue and build a stronger community.

Bronwyn Ritchie

With a degree in International Business, Economics, and Finance from Saint Louis University, my specific focus is bolstering the economic and cultural vitality of communities through unconventional channels

Gene Brockland

A firm believer in the value of open and constructive dialog, I was drawn to working with Solid Lines Productions because of its commitment to engaging the audience in important, and perhaps difficult, discussions.

Darian Wigfall

As an author, activist, arts organizer, DJ, and entrepreneur, I moved back to St. Louis in 2006 after graduating college to be a catalyst for better education and cultural development in the community that raised me.

Carla Landis Evans

My goal is to help people realize how substantive change can be made through open conversation.  Also, if Solid Lines can introduce a few more folks to the joy of theatre along the way, that is icing.

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