Solid Lines Productions is honored and so proud to announce a special guest director for our February production of Elizabeth Wong’s KIMCHEE AND CHITLINS: Elizabeth Wong herself! She will

Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong

be visiting St. Louis from Los Angeles to direct this special production of KIMCHEE AND CHITLINS, a “serious comedy about getting along.” The play invites us to witness racial tensions between black and Korean-American people who share a community, and asks where our media fits into the puzzle.

From Ms. Wong: “Mainstream theatre goers are used to a steady diet of milk and toast. A de facto cultural segregation. So my plays strive to free Audiences from this cultural isolation. I want to tell stories that expand the palate of the theatre Audience. I want Audiences to know there’s a yummy banquet of stories just waiting, if only they’d come in and take a seat and be brave enough to try something new. Tapas, dim sum, sushi, gumbo, soul food. All my plays bring ingredients together to make a provocative meal for a mind made numb on milk and toast…As a playwright, I want to wake up and expand taste buds for stories told in a new way through characters you haven’t met before, but with whom you will laugh and cry, and perhaps find our common humanity. Because that’s the job of theatre.”

Each of the productions that Solid Lines Productions stages is followed by a talk-back that aims to foster community dialogue



about socially-relevant issues. While she is here, Ms. Wong will be present for at least one of those talk-backs. She also plans to teach some workshops in the area during her stay. We hope you will join us for what promises to be a very exciting production of KIMCHEE AND CHITLINS, as well as stay for the dialogue that follows!

We also hope that you will join us in our third season for the other wonderful productions that our exciting 2016-2017 season will feature, all of which will be featured on our “On Stage” page. Cast lists are currently up, so check them out!

Additional information regarding performance dates and locations, as well as our other productions this season, is forthcoming. So please check back frequently. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and check our website to get the most recent news as it happens!

This collaboration is made possible through a generous grant from the Regional Arts Commission.

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