The following was taken from the Gitana Productions website. This sort of work is something we really want to promote in the community, and we encourage people to be aware of the conversations that are going on all around us! If you are interested in additional information, please check out We encourage everyone to #jointheconversation!

BLACK AND BLUEWritten by Lee Patton ChilesMay/June 2015
Missouri History Museum May 22-24, Kranzberg Arts Center May 29-31
Other Venues to be Announced

Gitana is bringing this play to the St. Louis Public at no cost to encourage healing and understanding between our community and the Police.

Recent events in Ferguson have ruptured the denial that many had about the state of race relations and equal justice under the law in our region. This is an original play that will explore the complexity of the relationship between the African American community and Police who are charged with keeping us safe and secure. The play will be based on a compilation of interviews with policemen and members of the African American community. Community representatives from Ferguson will join professional actors on stage.

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